Small Wooden Box, a safe space where treasured moments and keepsakes find home.

Founded in Washington, DC in 2014 by Jamon Johnson, Small Wooden Box celebrates the intimacy of home and the thrill of exploration. Jamon, who was born in Harrogate, England and raised in Cleveland, OH, has been a DC resident for 21 years. He studied interior design at the University of Cincinnati and Howard University and has an extensive retail background working with a range of furniture, home goods and apparel brands.

Jamon's inspiration comes from exploration. He finds joy in walking the streets, alleys, countrysides and beaches of the different places he travels...excited about the unknown. He seeks to capture the most ordinary things to create something extraordinary. His photographs from around D.C. and his travels are the cornerstone of Small Wooden Box products. In addition to the images, select leather hides are used to back the pillows and add durability, versatility and characteristics unique to each pillow, making them one of a kind. Like the pillows, we recognize each person is different and we are passionate about creating goods that reflect personal style. We launched our silk scarves, pocket squares and cotton bandanas in November of 2017.

International Chic with an American Touch.


We're proud to say we've traveled the globe and still make it a point to have all our pieces made at home.
Small Wooden box works diligently alongside fellow American makers to create our pillows, scarves, pocket squares and bandanas in exclusively limited editions. From fabric printing factories in North Carolina to hand sewn pieces in New York, we go the extra mile to produce high quality, American made goods. We are constantly evolving and committed to developing creative home goods and unique fashion accessories. We don't just want to help make your house a home, but an inspired home. We don't just want you to feel cool wearing our accessories, we want you to feel proud. We hope you'll join us as we strive to make the everyday...extraordinary.